Sled Dog Skippy


My trip has been fully saturated with bad. If you haven’t yet heard the stories, I’m sure at some point I will tell them to you. Here is a short list:

  • had to leave Indiana and my family and friends (okay, that’s a given)
  • the car I wanted to buy died in the seller’s driveway….after the cab left-I had to take a cab to the seller’s house because Enterprise would not rent me a car without a major credit card…I have two, but left them at home and apparently a husband who has a credit card but is not present at the rental counter is not sufficient
  • I bought a gas-guzzling 1996 Chevy Silverado 1500. This thing is awesome but BIG.  But it does have 4 wheel drive, which successfully carted me up my new driveway
  • I left my cell phone in Anchorage, which is 5 hours away
  • I have no internet in the cabin; my boss has dinosaur dial-up. I am so freaking spoiled that I don’t even want to ask to use it; I am at the Homer Public Library which has 2-hours-for-free-wifi. Okay, so that part is good, not bad
  • I got dog poop on my gloves this morning (to be expected)

There is probably more, but today, when sun came up over the mountains and I looked at my first sunrise in Homer, from my cabin window, with Ashlee dog asleep next to me, all was finally good. sunrise-dogyard.jpg 

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  1. Tyra says:

    this is a f-ing great picture. me hearts it a lot!

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