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Goosebumps….and not because it’s cold

So, I finally listened to Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. gawd dayum. I am speechless (for once). Okay, maybe not. There is something about a confident woman giving an audience her best with a baritone sax in the background that just makes my hair stand up with electricity. There are few times when I feel this way. The other times I can think of usually involve being at a concert with my friend Sara because she has WAY better taste in music than I do and generally more money for tickets as well.

Here’s some wonderful-ness for you (courtesy of Dutch TV. There are other versions, including the new video, but I like this live version the best):

Listening to Sharon Jones makes me crazy in a good way. I want to cry. I want to scream. I want to dance my silly dance. And upon watching and listening to her tribute/cover to the late GREAT James Brown with her version of “This is a Man’s World”, I of course, had to then listen to the Godfather. Here he is, O’Lympia, Paris, 1971:

Maybe that’s the “I want to live in happy denial for a while as the world goes crazy” part of me–the part that just needs really really good music to survive. That’s part of why good music was invented–it came from a place of pain or love, a way to survive. Ah, soul. I gots it. Do you?

2 Responses to “Goosebumps….and not because it’s cold”

  1. Sara P. says:

    Crazy coincidence time…Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are playing here on December 6th! I’m going to try compose a monstrously long email today at work for other updates. Miss you!

  2. Skippy says:

    Ahhh! I wish I could come home to see you and that concert! You are so lucky and you know I am so jealous….

    How did the Palin costume go? There was only ONE Palin out last night at the bars! I was shocked.

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