Sled Dog Skippy

Jobby job. And gratuitous puppy pictures.

Okay, okay, puppies first, because I know you don’t really care about the other stuff:

4 adorable fuzzies: 2 girls, 2 boys

4 adorable fuzzies: 2 girls, 2 boys

These cuties don't have names yet...

these cuties still have no names

so handsome

so handsome

yup, there is a pupil in there

yup, there is a pupil in there

The boss lady brought these back from Sebastian’s kennel, on her way home. She is back for the winter now. It’s nice to have her back after 5 months of constant stress and worry over her animals. Ahh, sweet relief. And maybe a day off soon. That’d be nice.

I did get a second job! Today, in fact, I was offered an administrative assistant (translation=secretarial slave) for an office of the center for behavioral¬†health. The office I will be working with voluntarily assists adults with various developmental disabilities. I am happy to say that the job pays more than the airplane gopher job did! Hooray for gas and grocery money again. However, I do have to work the ol’ 8:30-5:00 4 DAYS A WEEK. Can someone please tell me how that is considered “part-time”? Oh wait, it’s because we live in America where anything less than 60 hours a week is part-time.

I’m sad that I’ll be away from the dogs all day more than 1/2 of the week. That translates in to less time on the sled with the boss, too. Frowny face. But having a job that pays well also means I can stay in Alaska and I don’t have to move to rural Oklahoma because I’m broke.¬†

And yes, that is snow you see in the background of the puppy photos. The boss also brought home snow with her last week. It was nasty cold for a few days and sleeting & snowing sideways. Yesterday it rained sideways for, oh, 24 hours straight and nearly blew the cabin down. And now it is fall again, all sunny and pleasant. The weather in Homer is much like Indiana: wildly unpredictable.

And yes, the pups’ eyes are totally normal and healthy. Just incredibly beautiful. Okay, I admit. I was a little scared for about 5 seconds because I thought they were alien puppies and were going to shoot laser beams out of their butts or something. Nope. They just poop a lot.

2 Responses to “Jobby job. And gratuitous puppy pictures.”

  1. gemma says:

    I worked as a secretarial grunt for a summer once upon a time…at least this will be a good time to bust out the bento! I love the puppy eyes…they look like moonstones.

  2. MK says:

    Yahoo for jobby jobs!!! Good on ya Skippy! (That’s a favorite Sandy Drake phrase of mine) Now I just need to manifest one for myself…I love the pups, so glad that you and Ryan get to enjoy their amazing eyes and fuzz. Puppies definitely poop alot, have fun with that. Good luck with the massive work hours. Just remember to somehow fit in a couple of hours for you, just Skippy time. Sanity will hopefully result from this…xoxo

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