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Some armchair analysis of the VP debate, from a sled dog handler

Ryan has wondered out loud if I will posting any of my observations & opinions from yesterday’s vice presidential candidate debate (hosted by the incomparable Gwen Ifill. I love her). I suppose I could spew a bunch of my opinions here. Chances are, if you are reading this, you know me and for whom I am going to vote. So I feel like last night was just a waste of 1.5 hours of my lif–oh god. Ryan is playing the debate again. Without headphones. I just had a minor aneurysm. What was I saying…oh yeah, big waste of my time and life, seeing as how I couldn’t even look at the screen because if I did, I would be accosted by Palin’s winking, smirking face and good god, I just can’t be winked at by anyone.

So here is my opinion, which I think is supported by my spouse, as discussed last night while leaving the theater:

ME: I’m going to maverick all over the ground. Especially if I hear maverick one more time.

RYAN: I just mavericked in my pants!

There you go. Now you know.

P.S. The sled dogs here would like to shout out to all the other sled dogs in Wasilla, Alaska: “What up! You get extra credit for being able to read! Woohoo! Sled dogs for Obama!”

2 Responses to “Some armchair analysis of the VP debate, from a sled dog handler”

  1. TMC says:

    She deserves to be mavericked in her winky eye by a sharp-nailed thumb.


  2. MK says:

    I think I just mavericked in my mouth. I hate her smarmy wink-wink and “joe six-pack” BS talk!!

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