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oh. wow. eww.

So today I went into town and had another job interview. I have been looking for another part time job again to supplement the dog-handling serfdom wage. This interview was for a secretarial administrative assistant position at a local office of a national financial planning company. I dressed to the nines of course and was prepared for some difficult questions.

The interview lasted all of 12 minutes. I was greeted by my potential supervisor who was wearing jeans and a polo shirt. Glad the office is casual. I was blinded by the unexpected and uncanny sunshine (hiss! Hiss! what is that foul orb in the sky? It’s not raining? I am confused and frightened).  The Polo Man adjusted the blinds and in doing so, I was unfortunately exposed to his ass crack. 

Now, to some of you dear readers this may seem like nothing, if simply unfortunate. To me, this was not only unfortunate and gross, it was shocking. There I was, groomed in every possible way, poised, professional, ready to kick some interview ass and instead I SEE ass.

Do I really want to work for someone when I might be unwillingly exposed to his crack on a regular basis? I had a hard time maintaining my composure. This was in the first 30 seconds. I wanted to walk out. Apparently, I could have rolled out of bed after not having showered for 4 days and gone in there in my dog yard clothes and it would have been normal. Especially since this person explained that the job wasn’t “rocket science” and that I was “too overqualified.” At that point I did what no sane person does in an interview: I became cocky. I looked at him and said “I think that is the case for most jobs in this town.” Who says that? I guess a person who just had to see a hairy, middle-aged ass crack before noon in a JOB INTERVIEW. 

Then I got to come home, have a migraine for several hours, and cook old salmon heads in a big pot for dog food.

Tuesdays are not fun.

3 Responses to “oh. wow. eww.”

  1. Ryan says:

    My comment on being qualified for some of the available jobs in Homer:

    There are only 3 questions-
    1. Can you speak in complete sentences?
    2. Can you type?
    3. Do you not smell like butt?

    Yes to all = HIRED

  2. Justin says:

    Clearly he was trying to wile you! However, if he had been a seduction pro, while adjusting the blinds he might have added, “I know the Sun’s bright, but if you look close you can see the moon.” … or something else to render you defenseless to his artifice.

  3. MK says:

    I worked with no less than a3 guys at once who had chronic ass-crack display-syndrome, and let me say that it is never ok in the workplace. Argh. Get a belt, pull your damn pants up. Don’t you feel the draft???

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