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5 addictions, in no particular order

My friend TMC at Return to Rural had this meme (may-may!) going on her blog. I must obey.

  1.  Homemade tofu hot chicken wings. sweet jeebus. I could eat them every day. Pain in the butt to make, but it’s worth it, especially with the accompanying vegan blue cheese dressing.
  2. environmental/sustanability/green living blogs. I can’t stop. I keep following link upon link upon link. And then I realize what a great big jerk I am for using paper towels. 
  3. paper towels. I got 4 pets, people. 2 of whom are cats and are addicted to barfing up grass when they run to freedom outside, don’t get caught by an eagle, snarf down grass, get hauled back inside by us, and then later barf said grass. Yay. 
  4.  I’ve tried to quit many times. I can’t! I need an intervention to get me to stop reading about how I need a $800 chair to feel good about my living space. 
  5. La Croix plain carbonated water. I call it “La Crack.” I have switched to the schwag of carbonated water, the no-name grocery brand. It does the trick and gives me the fix. I can drink a 12 pack in a day, easily. Do I have a problem? 

3 Responses to “5 addictions, in no particular order”

  1. tmc says:

    Maybe buy recycled then compost them barfed grass and all? Or balance out the paper usage a la Crunchy Chicken’s most recent challenge?


  2. skippy says:

    Heh! I am doing Crunchy’s challenge for numero uno–this is old hat since I use a bandana while backpacking for the same purpose. Still pack out the tissue for other issues, though. Why am I even writing about this?

  3. old mary says:

    Kim and I have made it to an almost papertowel free house. old t-shirt scraps have replaced the majority of papertowel uses at the 1208. We just throw the dirty ones in a bin and when it fills, we wash. A single roll of paper towels now lasts us about 3 months….because lets face it, papertowels are still awesome and have good use. Cheerio!

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