Sled Dog Skippy

And now for the good

1. Kim, Mary and Jamie came to visit for a week! It was fun, funny, rainy, tiring, eat-y, and awesome all at the same time. What normally takes me 2-3 hours each session in the yard took 30 minutes with 4 women working. It was amazing and left A LOT more time for dog cuddling and general mayhem in town. They spent so much money on me that I will owe my first-born puppy to each of them as repayment. It was nice to be spoiled. I missed them so much after they left I didn’t get off the couch for 2 days except to feed the dogs and pee. Okay, so that’s bad, but that demonstrates how GOOD they are.

2. I am also now in possession of my other cat, Cousteau. He seemed to forget that: a) I am his owner; b) he has a dog-sister; c) he has a fat cat-brother; and d) this is not temporary. After a couple of weeks he has now adjusted and is ruling the cabin, per usual.

3. I leave in 2.5 days for Indiana. Holy crap. Finally. I desperately need the break from work and rain. Last week was the most beautiful week since I got here in March. Sun, sun, sun. It was amazing. And now of course it’s back to normal with clouds, creepy horror-movie-esque fog and wet dogs. Gross.

4. I have been eating tofu buffalo “chicken wings” like there is no tomorrow. Maybe that isn’t a good thing to eat 3-4 times a day, but I can’t stop. Is there a recovery group for vegan hot wings freaks?  

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