Sled Dog Skippy

I work hard for the monies

I am now working about 60 hours a week and I have to say, it is not fun. However, after the first couple of paychecks I will probably stop caring because I will be able to afford gas and groceries again.

I do like (most of) the people I work with. It’s nice being around at least ONE other person who is close to my age. It seems that most of the other acquaintances in Homer are minimally twice my age. You can see why then, when I recently played poker (for the first time in my life) with EIGHT OTHER PEOPLE my age I was giddy. I could not stop laughing. I felt human again and was able to use all my silly voices in my silly voice aresenal and it was okay. Well, these people acted like it was okay. They are very good poker players, which means they are very good liars, so maybe they thought I was crazy. But who isn’t crazy up here, so I suppose then I was very normal. Dare I say cool, even? But then of course I had to totally geek out and play with 5 Labradors that were there, waiting patiently to be tossed a log from the wood pile. I just can’t help it–if there are dogs around, I must play with them.

Today, also being July 1st means a few things:

  1. only 3 days until Ryan’s birthday! And I am very sad that I am not with him
  2. only 21 days until my 3 lady friends are here for a week-long visit. Ah! AH! AHH! I can’t wait!
  3. only about 5 and half weeks to go until I fly home to Indiana and then Ryan and I start driving back to Alaska

I have been here for 3 months. Crazy. Some days it feels like it and some days it doesn’t. Today it doesn’t because the weather is perfect and I seem to be in a healthy state of denial that the last 3 months were difficult in any way. Total cake walk it’s been. Riiiiiiiiight.

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