Sled Dog Skippy

Cats and sleeping bags don’t mix.

Reread the above title. Now commit it to memory. An easily-startled cat is not a good thing to have inside a zipped-up sleeping bag. Especially when said cat is even startled by his own cat farts. And then decides to claw his way out of the sleeping bag. Except that my exposed flesh is in the way of his exit. Do not be deceived by cute, fat, purring cats wiggling into your sleeping bags  to cuddle, people. Bad news.

The second job is going okay. I say okay because this is my 6th day of work and I finally had work to do. Its as if I had to beg them. Very strange, this state. I am finding that very few people do work and yet things get done. I don’t think Alaska is an efficient state, in terms of its overall employed workforce. So there must only be one answer to why everything still gets done: magic worker gnomes. 

The boss (dog boss) is coming home today for a weekend visit. Hopefully my tactics of providing a clean home (VERY VERY clean) and fresh ice cream will distract her from the South American drug cartel that has been using her dogs to run deliveries. Keep your fingers crossed that she does not notice that her dogs bark in Portuguese now.

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