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Gas money

So, I got my second job here in Homer! I am now the Personal Assistant to the Director of an bear viewing/air charter company (that uses sea planes….gah…drool). Basically, that sounds really fancy for “I am going to be this guy’s gopher and walking calendar and e-mail reader for money.”  However, I was able (because I am awesome..or something) to convince them to move from a full-time position to a part-time position AND I negotiated my hourly wage for the first time. Actually, when I say negotiated, I mean that I blurted out the first 2-digit number that came to mind. Seemed to work. The small triumphs of being an adult–not thinking before speaking and actually having it work out in your favor.

Now I have gas and lunch money. Please don’t beat me up for my lunch money. I need gas money because gas is $4.60 a gallon here! Ah, so strange that a state with an OIL PIPELINE has such expensive gasoline.

And a parting note: I am sitting in the beautiful Homer public library looking out over the gorgeous Kachemak Bay and Kenai Mountains. The sun is shining. And I have dog poop on  my boots.  

2 Responses to “Gas money”

  1. Sair says:

    Congrats on the second job! By the way, I love your big black truck!

  2. Mary Williams says:

    Skippadoodledooo! I miss you tons - cant wait to see you in July! I got the scoop on jobby #2 from Ryan - sounds really great and something that you will be nothing short of a rockstar at! Know it, breath it, embrace it - you are amazing. Even more so with dog poo on your boots.


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