Sled Dog Skippy

oy. vey.

The husband left yesterday, after a Memorial-Day Weekend visit. It felt like I was on vacation, having so much help with all of the dog work. I hope I said “Thank you” for the 10 million things that he helped me with and for all the time he took to spend time with the dogs that were pretty tired of seeing my face. And yes, I suppose it was nice to see the man I married after 2 months of being apart.  I will never live this down but I didn’t recognize him at the airport! No beard! 

But now, I am alone AGAIN. My mom left, my Ryan left, my sanity left, again, and I think it is back in Indiana.  If I begin to bark to communicate, it is all over. At least Jacques the cat is here now, so I can be bilingual. 

I’ll write more when I have integrated back into society and figured out how to feed myself after having been spoiled rotten for 16 days while 2 other people bought me food that I cannot afford….

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