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Wherein I declare Alaska can suck it, Part II

It is becoming increasingly apparent that I am not allowed to leave this state unless there is an emergency and/or death.

I’ve been planning on going to my 10 year high school reunion for over half a year, ever since it was planned/announced. I fretted over clothes, got excited to think of all the friends I was going to see, and was happy knowing I would see my parents and spend some time in Bloomington.

But alas, Alaska has taken another crap on my head. Here I present the evidence:

1) Three days before I am to leave I get knocked on my ass by a virus the size of Alaska. It takes its victim out quick, hard and leaves in its wake a quivering, feverish mass of human flesh that is useless. I am not able to go to work for 3 days 5 days and people have to cover for me (because we are perpetually short handed. I miss the days of having a job where the world didn’t stop or someone wasn’t burdened if I didn’t come to the office. Not with The Company). I am told, by a very good and compassionate doctor, that there is nothing I can do other than let the Super Virus run its course. Through MY BRAIN. I then contemplated having Ryan take me out back and put me down Ol Yeller style. Utter misery. I can count the things I have consumed in the past 3 days on less than 4 fingers.

2) I spent many hours preparing paperwork, checking flights, buying standby tickets (yes, even when an employee flies standby the employee still has to buy a ticket) and dealing with a very helpful, if not harried, travel person from The Company who helped arrange the flights. I went to work today, coked out on ibuprofen, gatorade, and mucinex and apparently looked so bad that people told me to my face in the first 5 seconds I was at The Company. I asked my boss to please check on the flights and how full they were, for both today and tomorrow and WHAM. Overbooked. So there it was. My last chance to get outta dodge was crushed because airlines just LOVE LOVE LOVE to screw people and their employees. When a flight is already overbooked, the chances of making said flight as a standby employee passenger are non-existant. So I clocked out and went home to rest.

So here I am. Again. Sick. Stuck.

So hear me, Alaska. Suck it.

3 Responses to “Wherein I declare Alaska can suck it, Part II”

  1. Kim says:

    Skippy. That sucks. Really really sucks and I’m sorry that your travel plans have been thwarted and that you are the victim of an evil virus. :-( I don’t know what else to say. So maybe I’ll just join with you in solidarity and tell Alaska to SUCK IT too.

  2. Skippy says:

    Thanks, Kim. That’s all I want to hear right now. It DOES suck. At least it can only go up from here, right?

  3. Kim says:

    Very true. And I’m sure it will go up :-) Hang in there! And kick Alaska’s ass!

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