Sled Dog Skippy

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Skippy to the Internets

Thank you, thank you. It is with this post that I become one of the billions of other bloggers on the planet.  I hope to claim my small piece of the ether and feel validated as a human being. Or something like that.

 Actually, this is just the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way I can communicate with a plethora of people I will soon be leaving. Yay for blogs. I guess. I don’t even use Facebook, so please bear with me as I probably won’t give you as much info as you’d like about my Alaskan adventures. There are still some yucky ex-boyfriends out there that don’t deserve to know how awesome I am. And they sure as hell don’t deserve to know where I live or how hot I am now.

Lately, there has been an immeasurable amount of pressure to be excited for this trip. I don’t know how many times I have been asked “Are you excited? Are you excited now? How about NOW?” Well, no, I’m not excited yet. I will be when I drive up my new boss’s driveway and see the kennel for the first time. Apparently, if a person isn’t excited about moving thousands of miles away from her husband, family, friends, and pets that makes her some kind of depressed freak. Don’t feel guilty if you’ve asked me if I’m excited. Just refrain from doing it every time you talk to me.  Because I feel guilty for lying every time.

One Response to “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Skippy to the Internets”

  1. Heather Reeves says:

    Hi Julie- I love all your blogs. All very well written, just like you are writing a book. I know it’s hard to be excited now, however, it will come later. sometimes, as I’m sure you know, life has to be really hard before it can be everything you wanted and worked for, this will make you srtonger!!! I’m thinking of you often, Love Heather

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