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TYoR check-in and some more goals

Let’s take a trip in the way-back machine…in December I made some resolutions and had some ideas that I wanted to implement. Now it’s check in time. More appropriately, confessional time.

–less plastic.
I would say that I buy less items that are packaged in plastic. And I certainly have curbed my purchases of items made of plastic–I stopped buying pet toys that are made of plastic/rubber, for example. I am also getting to the point where I want to make A LOT more of my own basic food and bath items because I am sick of plastic packaging. See below for more.

–make my own yogurt
Check and partial fail. I’ve bought a few containers (plastic. AHHHH!) while we have been moving around…rather than just go without, I caved to the plastic monster.

–try to find local milk for said yogurt
FAIL. Have not even attempted. Will now attempt.

–eat local eggs only
I think I do this maybe only 10% of the time, sadly. I at least buy organic free-range eggs, but they never taste as good, cost more, and I’m not supporting local friends and neighbors with that purchase.

–try to get away from packaging and waste in general. More bulk
I need to work harder at this one, especially organic greens. It’s much cheaper to buy a couple of heads of different greens than a plastic-packaged container that spoils quickly. Also, if I can’t find it in bulk or make it myself, well, maybe I shouldn’t have it? I don’t want to seem like a martyr, but I think this item needs more examination.

–save back a certain percentage of income for emergency and regular savings
Ha. Hahahahaha. FAIL o rama. We did the envelope system for one month and then everything went to hell. Gotta get back on the horse, stat, because that damn horse is running away.

–donate a certain percentage of income to a different organization every other week
Mega fail. That makes me sad. The first thing I need to do is investigate which organizations I want to donate to this year. Then I will put them on a calendar so it’s a no-brainer.

–join Amnesty International. Volunteer with local chapter
Haven’t done this yet, either. Wow, this list is getting a little pathetic.

–volunteer at the animal shelter
Sadly, I have not done this either.

–get involved with Sustainable Homer. On what level, I am unsure
Does it count if I read their emails?

–advertise, advertise, advertise TBTB and Skippeh Snacks (and Bigwoofs)
I did this! Business was excellent at TBTB (yesterday was my last day) and I garnered about 15 new clients for the owner. Bigwoofs is exploding, no thanks to me; but I do talk Ryan up a lot and pass out his cards when people as. Skippeh Snacks is on the back-burner but I do tell people that I have my own company when they ask “What do you do?”

–make our own bread
Another fail. At the very least, I got Ryan to each local bread for a few weeks. I realized that if I didn’t buy it for him, well, he’d go back to the plastic-wrapped store stuff. Bleh. We just need to get into a schedule of when to buy or when to make it so that it will always be on hand for his PB & J sandwiches.

So here are some new goals:

–make my own laundry detergent

–no double sided sponges–if a scrubby is needed, buy a loofah for the kitchen!

–make my own shampoo/conditioner. If I absolutely hate it, at least use locally made shampoo bars (which I have used before and really like from Alpenglow [I am not endorsing their product for pay or samples]). And I encourage you to peruse their site but please, buy local in YOUR area or DIY!

–use a clothesline this summer and put up and indoor one over the woodstove (if we have a woodstove…..ah, limbo. Le sigh)

–set up a safe & contained compost. Safe & contained sounds weird but most animals, and especially garbage eating dogs, can get REALLY sick from the bacteria in compost. Having a contained compost will likely mean that most critters are deterred.

–grow at least 3 edible things, even if they are in containers on a deck. Sounds like such a tiny goal, but I am unsure if we will be able to garden in a rental. If not, I want to get a row with the community garden!

–make dog treats to save money

–pay $XX towards debt this year (nope, I’m not going to reveal the amount)

–stick to the budget. If it seems to harsh, reevaluate and reallocate

–continue with The Compact (so far, so good!)

–borrow or buy (used) my wish list of books about Peak Oil

–make my own cream cheese. It actually sounds really easy once I get my hands on some starter and vegetarian rennet. Wheeee!

–foray into soap making & lip balm making

–never ever buy tortillas AGAIN! I made my own twice last week and I am a complete convert. It’s so easy and deeeeelicious!

–really spend time reevaluating vegetarianism and veganism. I was vegan for 8 years and veggie before and after that for a combination of 2 years. I certainly don’t think I deserve a medal for that or anything–I’m just saying that it was a significant part of my life and I enjoyed it. I want to weigh the sustainability factor of eating those ways HERE. There are a lot of things to take into consideration and being totally veggie or vegan may not make sense here. I know that sounds insane, but you are not me, and you are probably not thinking about shipping costs of tofu (or even raw soybeans to make tofu) and how said shipping of tofu relates to peak oil and climate change. So don’t judge. I don’t care how you eat. Don’t care how I eat. Whew. Just nipping that in the bud before it starts.

–I would really really really like to take a class on canning food

That sounds like a lot, but many of the goals are just small life-changes. Some things are bigger and may require a lot of time, money or new equipment–in which case, for frugality’s sake and for The Compact’s sake, the goal may be aborted.

How are your goals coming? Any resolution confessions you want to make? I like to keep it public so that you can keep me accountable!

2 Responses to “TYoR check-in and some more goals”

  1. tmc says:

    oooo, make your own cream cheese! Yum!

    I think at my age (and yes, I’ll always be older than you) I’m less interested in labeling my style of eating and/or putting limits on what I’m willing to try. Though primarily vegetarian, I try what I want, when I want.(Example, yesterday I had REAL lamb kabob made by a REAL Moroccan chef. It was a cultural experience I didn’t want to miss. Still, the rest of my meal was veg.) I’m not as concerned with always having an explanation at the ready in case someone says to me “aren’t you vegetarian?”

    In my head, I say “MIND YOUR BUSINESS.” Out loud I just say “mostly.”

  2. MK says:

    SO happy to read your update…you are doing great, don’t knock your efforts. You are an inspiration on soooo many levels! MUAH!

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