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Wherein I declare that Alaska can suck it

We couldn’t buy a house.

I thought going to Puerto Rico with our best friend would be a nice consolation prize.

Then a massive blizzard came to Homer for 4 DAYS and destroyed any chance of us making our flights. Since we used travelocity to save money on the tickets, we can’t move the dates of the flights without paying the difference in price (of the tickets that are now sky high). So, we are stuck here, totally fucked, and not having a vacation that we so rightly deserved and needed.

Remember all that stuff where I said that Alaska is awesome and I love it here? Well, sorry, but I take it back. I am sick of this. I am tired of this very trying, tiring, and hard life. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know–everything happens for a reason. Trust me, I’ve been saying that to myself since I got here two years ago. And it’s true, some good things have happened. Very few compared to the not-so-good, but I’ll try to ignore that math because it only makes me more depressed.

Last night, after our one chance of getting to Anchorage was squashed, Ryan and I went to the grocery store and loaded up on junk food and liquor. You know, eat and drink to cope. That’s how we roll. So I got some nutella for some croissants. I haven’t had this combo in oh, I don’t know, well over a year. I wanted something special for breakfast when I woke up and realized I wasn’t in Chicago with my best friend on the way to Puerto Rico. I got up pretty early and was toasting the croissants when I opened the nutella and realized it had already been opened and the freshness/safety seal was totally smashed. That, right there, my friends, sent me over the edge. I can’t even have a freaking nutella-filled croissant as a consolation.

So hear me, Alaska. SUCK IT.

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  1. tmc says:

    yeah. suck it, alaska!

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