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Independence Days (whuuut?)

I really like Sharon Astyk. She is a well-spring of information and ideas. It is truly her (original) blog that gave me a peak-oil primer and information regarding energy transition’s ramifications. I discovered more blogs and information from Sharon’s blog roll or links and I have definitely taken a trip down the peak-oil rabbit hole. It can be scary sometimes–thinking that the planet and its inhabitants are totally, well, fucked. And even scarier to think of all the things it will take to put the breaks on this demise. Change is scary. But I see it as a good change, one that is very exciting. No, I don’t plan on having a stocked bunker anytime soon for when the zombies come…yet. But there are some really valuable lifestyle changes that will work for me–and I’ve implemented some and plan to work on some more.

Sharon hosts the Independence Days Challenge, where she asks (of herself and) us to do something in each of the categories during the growing season:

1. Plant something

2. Harvest something

3. Preserve something

4. Waste Not

5. Want Not

6. Build Community Food Systems

7. Eat the food!

I know that these categories can sound daunting, but Sharon offers down-to-earth examples that can fit in to your busy, even urban, lifestyle. While I would love to be the person that screams the Led Zeppelin lyrics “PICK UP YOUR PLOW AND HOE!”, I know that the agrarian lifestyle isn’t for everyone…and once again, Sharon has amazing information and statistics to share about urban food production.

If this all sounds crazy to you, good! Read some more, investigate, think about it. It is a little crazy to think about your own food security, where your food comes from, how to grow food yourself….but crazy good. And only crazy because of what? Because we’re taught that food comes from grocery stores, not land or people who take care of that land? Because we’re so used to that system and we don’t think it will be easy to change it? Once you learn more about factory farming and food security it will seem crazy NOT to just try to grow your own herbs in a pot on your windowsill. Staring small is a great way to start! And deeeeeelicious.

Want to join me? Don’t worry, this isn’t an “all or nothing” kind of challenge. Even doing one of the categories on a regular basis could really reduce impact.

3 Responses to “Independence Days (whuuut?)”

  1. Kim says:

    Hey Skippers,

    Very interesting post. I’ll have to check out the blog you linked there and read more. I really like the list of ideas presented. At the moment, I think Waste Not, and Want Not are the most do-able for me. I would like to try planting something, perhaps herbs or something (which could also make use of all the damn yogurt buckets I have). Possible problems with this idea are: 1. so many wild cats to eat/poop/pee on my little herb garden, 2. just about zero sunlight actually reaches our apartment or courtyard, and 3. our upstairs neighbors like to rain down random items into our courtyard (i.e. toys, rubbish, socks that have escaped from the clothes line…) so its a little nasty and hazardous out there. But still, its worth a go. Regardless of my personal limitations, I love the idea, and can definitely see myself implementing more of them in the future. I’m looking forward to hearing what you do with this list :-) Smooches!

  2. Skippy says:


    Plant and harvest could even be sprouts on your counter top! So easy to grow your own little greens in just a few days! And not just alfalfa sprouts–there are all kinds of seeds and even beans that you can sprout that are sooooo good. Then you don’t have to worry about lack of light or neighbor’s trash….

  3. tmc says:

    I’m IN! and I’ll do what I can to spread the word.

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