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100th Post! The Compact, Days 22-28

Wow, I’ve posted something here on this little ole bloggie 100 times. Most people do that in well under a year….it’s taken me 2 years. Oh well. We all travel at our own pace.

As far as The Compact goes, I assure I bought nothing new this week. I had another massage for my IT band in my leg and I bought some lunch. That was it. So no need to bore you with my run-down list because it will be very sparse and well, um, honestly, I did a REALLY bad job of tracking expenses this week. Mostly because I bought a bagel and didn’t need to track ANYTHING.

So there you go. I am still participating in The Compact. It has pretty much become a part of life and is helping me consume less. YAY!

How are your compacting efforts going? Are you interested in trying it?

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  1. Kim says:

    Well, I have a Compact confession to make. I ordered a few books from Amazon for a friend to bring over from America when she visits. I just needed reading material. However, when talking about my ‘need’ I should also confess that I haven’t gone to the nearby book exchange to see if there’s something interesting and free for me to borrow. On a more positive note, I did buy some bar shampoo from Amazon too, and I’m looking forward to trying it out. It is supposed to be biodegradable and comes in completely biodegradable, natural packaging. Its also supposed to make your hair really soft and clean, and eliminate the need for conditioner. So, its a small something. I’ll be happy if it works and I don’t have to purchase plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner any more :-)
    Despite occasional purchases, I really feel like less buying is becoming the norm. I am trying to be really reflective about all this, and deal with all my wants and cravings in a conscious way. I think the real challenge will come whenever we return to ‘normal’ life and make more money and want to furnish an apartment or whatever, you know what I mean? So, I want to try and make these changes REAL so I don’t just go back to BUYING USELESS SHIT all the time to make my life more comfortable. I have also been doing a lot of yoga and meditation, which helps in the self-analysis department, and I think cutting out my materialistic urges has also complemented my psychological/spiritual undertakings. Okay, I’m sort of rambling, as usual. Anyway, keep kicking ass and enjoy your FREEDOM FROM STUFF! ;-)

  2. Skippy says:

    Hi Kim,

    As usual, I think you are doing AWESOME with the compact. I love the idea of bar shampoo–there is a local company that makes some here. I’d love to send you some! Is the kind you are trying J.R. Liggit’s (or something like that)? I used that at IU when my hair was REALLY short and I.LOVED.IT.

    I totally understand the “what if we have a normal life and want to furnish our new place” questions and feelings. Even though we weren’t able to purchase an amazing house here (just found out yesterday, wah wah) I was already picking out tile and paint and new furniture. ICk. So I’m GLAD that we didn’t get it (in a very very small way) because I would have gone crazy, just like you said.

    The other issue is that there aren’t amazing vintage stores here, either, much like Turkey. Craigslist is scary in Homer–the best bet is Anchorage and that’s 5 hour drive through no less than 2 mountain passes rife with avalanches. Yeah. So our options are often limited for thrifting.

    I’m really happy that yoga and meditation are making you reconsider certain lifestyles and solidifying your choices. That is so great! I think running does that for me–it’s just me, my beloved Ashlee Dog, and my shoes. That’s all I need and it’s very freeing. Much like kinin, only faster. :)


    PS–have you read “Affluenza” by John de Graff?

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