Sled Dog Skippy

Sunday Short Letters

Dear Sasha the Corgi Puppy,

While you have thoroughly convinced Ryan that you are the breed of choice, I’m on to you. I spend more time with you and know how TRULY crafty and stubborn you are. You can’t deceive me with your cuteness!

Dear Work in Progress,

You are a most excellent band and I would like to see you again.

Dear Kirin Ichiban Lager,

Oh, how I have missed you! How could I have gone so long without you? We are truly in love, aren’t we?

Dear Legs,

Thanks for hanging in there, doing your leg thing. Cooperation and support is key to our relationship. Remember that. I won’t take you for granted, I promise. Look at all the massages I’ve been enduring for you! That’s true love.

Dear Spring,

Where are you? I miss you.

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