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The Compact: Month 2, Days 15-21

Hello, Compactors or People who like to read about Compacting!

This was a good week. While Ryan and I strayed a little from our food and entertainment budget, we still managed to keep our money on lock-down. Again, we have to reserve a lot of our pay for our vacation next month. So apart from bills and groceries we are trying to save so that we can ensure that we have money for: vacation, renting a new place next month, repairs to Ryan’s car, and taxes. Bleh. That’s a lot to save for in a short time, but we are making it work.

We are renting a new place next month as my management of Tails by the Bay is coming to a close! I am very sad to be leaving but it is inevitable, as the owner is returning for the summer. Karen agreed to come back a little early so that I could take a position with Era Aviation. Yes, I get to be around planes again! In a professional environment! With insurance and benefits and travel! Wheeeee!

So, it has been a good week for the Skipper. Things are looking good, even though a very fun and profitable chapter of living in Homer is coming to a close. The new chapter looks very exciting!

Here are the numbers…

Day 15
Grocery: $27.50

Misc: $2.00
This was for some fancy pants linen paper to print my resume. In what category would you put that purchase? Miscellaneous seems pretty apt.

Day 16
Entertainment: $7.73
This was for lunch for me. I can’t say no to an everything bagel with Mediterranean schmear and a de-caf Americano. I’ve tried.

Grocery: $9.48

Day 17
Massage therapy: $80.00
Another excellent massage. And by excellent I mean that I thought I was going to die several times. It was a good pain.

Grocery: $17.77
This, I remember, was for a box (plastic! ARRRRRGH!) of organic salad, some Annie’s dressing, some organic PB and some apples. Wow. Pricey.

Misc: $.70
I’m a big spender, I know. This was for a color copy of my license and social security card for my new job.

Clothing (?): $28.00
This was for a new swimsuit for my vacation. Not that I want others to be blinded by my translucent Alaskan whiteness….but I need some sun. This included shipping. Sorry, but buying a thrifted swimming suit/bikini just seems un-hygenic. I wish that we had a budget category for clothes & shoes because we never make one.

Day 18
Grocery: $28.32

Day 19
Entertainment: $50.00
This was another big splurge. Not cooking at home is bad, people. It makes you buy overpriced pizza, beer, and dessert. This was for a 12″ pizza (and mind you, I think it was really only like 9″ in diameter, and I’m being generous), 4 pints of local beer, and a freaking piece of cheesecake. Outrageous.

Day 20
Household: $11.00

Entertainment: $12.00
This was for 2 large bottles of Alaskan Smoked Porter beer. I went to a party. With new people! I am growing, as a person. I even shared my beer.

Day 21

So, I am almost at the end of month two of The Compact. I’ve certainly not done a perfect job, but that’s not really what I’ve been aiming for. I want to greatly reduce my consumer-y ways, save money, and buy consciously so that I and others can have a better way of life. Again, I know that The Compact is not for everyone, forever. It’s also working for me because I am on a pretty tight budget so buying superfulous items CAN’T happen. I think The Compact would be a greater challenge if one was in a really good financial position and had to really restrain oneself. But then think of all the money that could be given to great causes….or all that money that could be used to enhance one’s life with more education, travel, changing jobs. Something to chew on.

2 Responses to “The Compact: Month 2, Days 15-21”

  1. Sara P. says:

    Michael and I tore through a bag of everything bagels and chive schmear in only 1.5 days…sigh.

    Congrats on the new job! Love, Sair

  2. Skippy says:

    Sair–thanks! I’m excited about the new job. More planes, more chances to be a pilot.

    Why are schmears and everything bagels so damn addictive?! They are evil and must be punished. By eating.

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