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The Compact: Month 2, Days 8-14

Well, I don’t have much to report here. Ryan and I are in Super Saver Mode since we are going on vacation next month. The dog sitting business also slowed a bit this month so we cleared out our pantry and did a good job of not purchasing silly things. Here are the rather boring numbers.

Day 8
Wood: $175
This is for a cord of cut wood, delivered. A cord is A LOT of wood. Which means it has to be stacked and that takes forever.

Grocery: $21.65

House essentials: $25.76
This is for things like TP, paper towel, cleaning supplies.

Electricity: $107.50
I don’t know if I’ve documented bills before. I’m too lazy to look at the other posts, so here. Now you know.

Day 9
Massage therapy: $80.00
This was for a massage prescribed by my physical therapist for my knee injury. Beth almost made me fall off the table–I had to wear my strong pants. This was not a fun, relaxing massage. But I’ve still been able to run and am feeling great, so it is worth every cent (and worth the initial pain, too).

Snow plowing: $40.00
Yay for random snow storms!

Days 10-13

Day 14
Entertainment: $25.00
Ryan and I went out for a champagne brunch for Valentine’s Day! We don’t usually do stuff for Valentine’s Day, so it was nice to go and eat a delicious breakfast.

That’s it. Riveting stuff, I know! How is your Compact coming along?

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