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Sunday Confessional and Month 2 Days 1-7 of The Compact

Forgive me Compactors, for I have sinned (again). It has been some days since my last confession. *cough cough*

Okay, I bought some Chaco sandals. On Ebay. New in box for a screaming deal. I do need sandal-y footwear for my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico. I used to have a pair of Chacos, that I had owned for almost 3 years. And then a horrible dog, belonging to an even more horrible person, ate the straps. Said horrible person did not offer to replace said Chacos. There was a great falling out and we shall not speak of this again (this happened 5 years ago and I have not had a pair of good sandals since then). So again, I purchased something that is MADE IN THE USA BALLS! THEY ARE NOW MADE IN CHINA. Mega frowny face. I should have done some more research. I am having buyer’s remorse now… Unfortunately, I just learned (after visiting the Chaco website) that the model I bought can not be re-webbed or re-soled at this time by Chaco. (DOUBLE BALLZ!) Well, hopefully by the time my Chacos need repairing they will be able to do the repairs. Or I’ll just go Alaska style and use some duct tape.

So, I have something else to confess. I didn’t do a good job of tracking my numbers/budget this week. We didn’t buy any groceries and just ate out of our freezer and pantry–I was proud of myself for coming up with some new cheapo, vegetarian & nutritious recipes based on the food we had.

We did buy groceries today Finally, fresh veggies and my fruit weakness: Pink Lady apples. Seriously, people, if you have not had one of these, you are missing out on LIFE. Total grocery expense: $111.00. This was a big spend for us but we did have to replace a lot of pricey staples. I think organic maple syrup is more expensive than gold, currently.

I do know that I spent $120 on a physical therapy appointment (again, no insurance). This was worth 1 MILLION dollars to me–to hear that I can continue to run and work out and to be given exercises/stretches that have given me so much relief was worth it. I also get to have a massage a week for the next 3 weeks! WOOT WOOT Although, Dr. B did say that these will be “somewhat painful. You’ll need to wear your strong pants.”

Another (semi) random expenditure was on haircut/style for me today. This was something that we need to budget for, but always forget to do. This was a major expense. I got the works: color, cut, brows done, and bought a mini flat iron. Ahem. Yes, new. I suck. This is what this post is proving. Should I reveal how much I spent, including tip? Nope. Not gonna. It was a lot. I do love my stylist and she walks the walk of real enviromentalism. I am willing to pay more for services that are in tune with my ideals and don’t create a huge impact.

While I don’t want to validate my lack of keeping good records, I will say that the big reason I didn’t keep track of expenditures was because Ryan and I didn’t allocate cash for the budget….which sounds really strange. We use the envelope system and we, um, neglected to fill said envelopes at the beginning of the month. We have an envelope of cash for each budget category. Once the cash is gone for the week/month, that’s it. Anything leftover we deposit into our savings. So, we just used our debit cards and apart from the sandals & flat iron, I didn’t buy anything new.

So apart from THIS GIANT FREAKING WEEK OF FAIL, I am still motivated to continue The Compact. Probably even more because I need to, like, purge my shopping soul or something.

2 Responses to “Sunday Confessional and Month 2 Days 1-7 of The Compact”

  1. Kim says:

    Hey Skipperz, how’s it going? When are you going to PR? Sounds amazing. I am pining for summer and warmth. Sigh.

    Okay, by for now!


  2. Skippy says:

    Hi, Kim!

    The Compact is still going well! It’s easy to do now because we are in Super Savings Mode for the vacation! We’ll be going to PR next month! HOLY COW I can’t wait.

    How is your summer Turkey-stravaganza trip planning coming?

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