Sled Dog Skippy

Sunday (wait, Monday) short letters

Dear Universe,

You are about to mix it for me again, I know this. You gave me some straight answers as soon as I started to even WONDER. I know you are listening and providing. Help a girl out again, please.

Dear Sled Dogs,

I wuv you. I miss you. I miss your craziness and kooky sounds. I don’t miss your poop. Maybe one day we’ll get back together. I’m just not ready for a relationship right now.

Dear Fred Meyers,

PWND! You thought you could just take me in and give me everything. Ha! You were wrong. So wrong. You aint got nothing I want.

Dear Right Knee,

Hang in there, friend. Stay strong. I need you really badly right now. Things are going really good and I finally have a handle on where I want to be physically. We’ve got some races to train for…don’t let me down now. We make a good team.

Dear Ashlee Dog,

You were an effing champ this week. I can’t believe how much you ran and how well you did. You are 7 years old and you are still kicking my ass. I don’t know what I would do without you. You are very funny when you bark at me when I am skiing.

Dear Macgee Dog,

Five miles of running and you aren’t even winded. While I want to hate you for that I can’t. It makes me love you even more for keeping me going. My god, do you ever have the most beautiful gait I have seen on a dog.

Dear People of Homer,

Please don’t litter. It’s a disgusting offense to everyone. It’s so sad to find a snickers wrapper along the ski trail that so many people work so hard (volunteers!) to maintain.

Dear Frye Boots,

You are one of the most beautiful material things I have ever owned. I know you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so let’s get to know one another. I know where you live.

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