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The Compact, Days 18-24: I avoided my (old) downfall

I’m in the home stretch of The 31 Day Compact. I have resolved to go longer. How much longer, I am unsure. I don’t want to pick and date then just go back to my consumer-y ways. I think that this project will prevent me from going on a buying spree the day after I stop officially challenging myself. Hopefully.

This was a pretty slow and boring week on the purchase side. Other than the fact that we bought tickets to freaking Puerto Rico! That was a major purchase and was a little scary. However, it felt very good to be in a completely different place financially than we were at this time last year. As Ryan pointed out, “Last year our splurge was a large pizza. This March our splurge is vacation. That’s pretty good.” Yeah, it is.

Here are the numbers for the week:

DAY 18
Postage: $4.75
I sent some jeans I won on Ebay to my friend, MK. YAY, used jeans at way less than retail price!

Pet: $8.99
Oh kitty litter, how I love and hate you. So dusty. So gross. So necessary.

Grocery: $54.00
This was a big weekly purchase. Lots of fruits, veggies & tofu for making food at home. And Two Sisters Bakery bread. Ryan has officially converted. YAY! No more boring grocery store bread in a plastic bag!

Entertainment: $4.25
This was another take-away coffee with a plastic lid. At Starbucks. Crap. That’s a lose-lose. Expensive and not delicious.

DAY 19
Grocery: $23.00

Entertainment: $10.00
I had lunch with my friend Sarah B. Nom nom nom noodles!

DAY 20
Grocery: $9.62
Ryan bought some lunch at the grocery store. They do have some pretty tasty General’s chicken at their deli bar.

Day 21
Grocery: $5.00

Gas (Ryan): $30.00

Eye exam and new glasses for Skippy: $302.00

This was a non-budgeted item. However, the appointment was made 2 months ago when I ran out of contacts, so I had been saving some money for this. This purchase was fully out of pocket and without insurance. Getting an eye exam and cool new glasses for that amount of money is nothing short of miraculous. I was fully prepared to just pay for the exam and then try to get both glasses and contacts online for much less. However, I somehow managed to pick out some of the cheapest frames. The eye doctor I visited has an “economy plan” that allows
non-insured clients to get a good deal on certain frames. I am typically the person who picks out glasses frames and of course, they are the MOST EXPENSIVE ones in the clinic (does that mean I have excellent taste?). Not this time. It was positively shocking. I will still be buying my contacts online, as they are much cheaper. I will wait until next month to do so, since I need to pay bills first.

DAY 22

DAY 23
Entertainment: $30.00
This was for my, Ryan’s and part of Kelly’s lunch at the Tustumena Lodge near Kasilof. Ryan and I went north to watch the start of the Tustumena 200/100 sled dog race and see Jason, Kelly’s husband off as he competed in the 100 mile race. After he took off we joined Rich & Gillian and had some good french fries and beer next to the biggest fireplace in Alaska. Or at least it should be named as such. The owners were tossing entire trees into the flaming maw of the hearth.

Grocery: $19.20
We went to Freddy Meyer’s in Soldotna to have a “retail therapy” session. I have to admit, Freddy’s in my Achille’s heel. I ALWAYS buy stuff I don’t need there, pretty much because I get overwhelmed (it’s like a super Walmart). Since we only go there 1-2 times a year, it’s hard not to get overly excited at the sheer amount of stuff. But this time, I FELT NOTHING. I bought 3 of my favorite kind of apples and some decaff coffee beans and a box of um, personal items. That’s it. I looked at shoes, at clothes, at all the glossy fruits and veggies, and felt no pangs of “BUY BUY BUY!” It was remarkable. I passed sales sections like they were contaminated with the plague. I should say, instead of feeling nothing, it was more of an aversion to buying that I felt. It was also the least amount of time I had EVER spent in Freddy’s. Ryan and I are on record with our friend Tiffany for spending 5 HOURS in Freddy’s last fall. 5 EFFING HOURS. WHY?! I think we seriously walked down every. single. aisle. So sad. This was a record breaking 30 minutes. My, how things have changed.

DAY 24

We are now in the home stretch of completing the first month of The Compact. How is it going for you?

2 Responses to “The Compact, Days 18-24: I avoided my (old) downfall”

  1. tmc says:

    There’s a Starbucks in Homer?!??!

  2. Skippy says:

    @TMC–there’s a little stand one inside our big box grocery Safeway. It’s hard to avoid but I am usually successful. I feel I have bought 5 drinks there in 2 years. IT. IS. SO. EXPENSIVE. And not delicious. I don’t know why I do it.

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