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The Compact, Days 8-11

The Compact is still going okay in the Baker-Ridge house. I think that it helps that we have: 1) a budget; 2) debt to pay off (goal); and 3) vacation goals. Knowing that every little bit we don’t spend on extra crap that will just take up space translates into more cash being applied to our debt payoff and being deposited into the vacation fund. As you can see from the previous posts, we’re not living in a cave only eating plain rice and not going anywhere. We are living and living well. I realize that for some people, us included last year, that The Compact is NOT voluntary. Maybe realizing that you HAVE a choice will help you choose to do this, even for just one day.

Day 8

Grocery: $1.19
Ryan, the big spender, purchased a crossaint for breakfast.

Day 9

No expenditures.

Day 10

Grocery: $26.29 (mostly fruits & veggies and some fizzy bubbly water and some cereal)

Postage: $16.00
This postage was applied to a package so that Ryan could send his video camera to be repaired. He then intends to sell it. He has been selling more things on Ebay, which makes his minimalist wife very very happy.

Entertainment: $6.50

This was for a super duper (caffeine-free!) root beer and a large popcorn at the movies. We went to see Wes Anderson’s version of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Indeed, it was quite fantastic. I love Wes Anderson’s films. I never pictured George Clooney as a fox, even though it should be quite obvious. Ahem.

Day 11

Pet supplies: $64.50
This was for a large bag of dog food. We do pay for the dog food that the client dogs eat at Tails by the Bay.

Grocery: $10.90

Entertainment (?): $2.50
This was kind of a superfluous purchase. I bought a de-caff Americano at the local coffee shop while I was in town. I’ve been off caffeine for about a week in order to help stop my migraines. I didn’t think I was missing coffee until I went to town and was kinda having a bad day. So I treated myself to a $2.50 very good caffeine-free cup of coffee. It did have a plastic lid. So I guess I lose either way. Crap.

Misc: $6.00
I bought a get-well card for my mom and some thank-you notes at the drug store. How do I weigh this? In the true spirit of The Compact, I probably should have made my own cards. Ryan takes very beautiful photographs and he recently bought a new printer for his business. So I could have created some neat cards at home, with what I had. I’m kind of torn on this purchase. It is for other people, and to show my care and concern and gratitude for others. Does this still count?

So, I’m about 1/3 through the 31 day challenge of The Compact. I think I want to go beyond January.

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  1. MK says:

    Go, Skippy, go!

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