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The Compact Day 4

I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on The Compact! For all of you joining, good luck! It does sound a little easy at first and then whamo! You’re putting stuff back on the shelf and not trying to cry. It’s hard to break habits.

I am going to be really honest here… I think that why I haven’t done this over the past 4 years, even though I have wanted to, is for two weird psychological/cultural reasons: 1) If I had a lot of money (a lot being relative, of course) I felt that I “deserved” to buy things. It was my “reward” for working hard (usually at a job I hated); and 2) when I was totally broke and The Compact was NOT voluntary, when I finally had a few bucks, I spent it because again, it was my “reward” for dealing with financial crisis and a job that I probably hated. What’s with this entitlement stuff, huh? Icky.

Looking back, it makes me feel a little sad about my sense of purpose and perspective. I’m certainly not advocating that we all live a life of forced deprivation. I think that is the reason that many people don’t want to get on board with The Compact or reduction of consumption in general–we are a culture that is so used to reward, so used to hearing that if we work hard, we get what we want (or have the money to get it). What if we did better, more useful and wonderful things with that money? Like paying off debt or traveling or buying higher quality food or donating it to organizations with which we have an interest? You, know, like um, helping people, animals, and the planet? That sounds pretty good.

Anyway, my armchair psychology aside, here are the numbers for today.

Day 4
Groceries $11.47

2 pounds of butter
1 small plastic (AHHHHHHHH! #$&^&&!!@) container of Greek yogurt to use as a starter for my yogurt
1 plastic (mother *$(#)#)^ you can see where this plastic project is going….) clamshell of organic salad greens

Pet item $2.89

I had to buy Krazy Glue for the Kitteh’s soft paw nail caps. We use Soft Paws because our cats are not de-clawed at we don’t want them to ruin our boss/landlord’s furniture. We ran out of glue and the vet said that Krazy Glue is the same stuff they package with the nail caps and is safe. I feel that this was a necessity to prevent damage to my boss’s home and to prevent me from killing my cats when they shred my thighs as they try to haul their fat asses on to my lap.

Gas: $32.00

Ah, Aretha the truck is quite the guzzler. At least with the doggie job I only go into town a couple of times a week and hammer out all the errands at once. I am Super Efficient Skippy.

Postage: $4.80

Do ya’ll know about the Postal Service’s “Click N Ship”? This system is the bomb. You can create labels for your packages online. It’s especially handy if you are sending a flat rate priority item anyway. Then you pay online, print the label, affix (I love that word) it and just drop it off–without waiting in line. OR, your mail person can actually pick it up. That would never happen here. And, I effing HATE standing in our post office line. Miniumum wait, on any given day = 20 minutes. Insanity. I call the it the Waiting Room to Hell. It’s so awful. Aaaaaand, Click N Ship is cheaper, too! Seriously, I am not looking back. This segment is not endorsed by the US Postal Service, I swear. Anyway, the postage was a flat rate mailer of my boss’s PO Box contents. She pays me back.

So, keep on keepin’ on. Tell me about the hardest parts and what you learn as you do this!

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