Sled Dog Skippy

Friday Short Letters

Dear Friends and Family,

I miss you very much. Thank you for all the holiday cards and presents! It made me and Ryan feel very special.

Dear Doggie Job,

I am still madly madly in love with you. I don’t think the honeymoon period will ever end.

Dear America,

While I no longer celebrate Christmas, I realize most of you do. I am actually happy that Christmas occurred on a Friday this year. Many more people will be able to enjoy the weekend and not return to the grind right away. It somehow makes the holiday seem less cheap and consumer-y…..not all the hoopla for just one day, but more time to enjoy with family and friends and experience the reason for Christmas.

Dear TMC,

Good luck on your epic staycation. I am very impressed.

Dear Canines of the World,

You make this planet a MUCH better place. I only wish you could read English so that you could understand my profound appreciation and love for you all. I hope to learn more from you.

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