Sled Dog Skippy

Wednesday Short Letters

Dear Snow,

Keep it coming. I need more snow to plow through on skis or snowshoes. So do the dogs. It wears them out. Which means they are content and well behaved.

Dear Nordic Skis,

I wuv you. I know you need more use to stay happy. Don’t worry. Soon my life won’t involve going to town to drop off packages or wait for others to call me back so they can deliver wood or drop off their dogs. Le Sigh. Patience, my pretties (thanks, Jules!).

Dear Snowshoes,

Ditto for you (thanks, Ryan!).

Dear Plastic,

I really don’t know about you. I know you are involved with medical dealings and probably save people’s lives daily. However, when it comes to your Mafia family hold of the packaging industry, I’ve got to say, knock it off. Just because you want to have a dynasty doesn’t mean you’re the only thing out there.

Dear Migraines,

I’ve had with you. We are OVER. Fin. Done. Don’t call me. I don’t want to deal with you again.

Dear Brain,

Can I have some nice dreams for a while? I mean, crashing plane one night (to be saved the flight attendant of my dreams, my friend Mary Williams) and then confusing grad school the next night? Come on. Where are the unicorns and rainbows and houses made of chocolate?

Dear Vacation,

I need you. Call me. Maybe we can just get coffee to start.

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