Sled Dog Skippy

And now we return to our regularly scheduled sanity.

The first few days alone on the hill with the dogs was, well, weird. I felt myself going insane.  My friend Michael (with the amazing Louie the bulldog) commented that in my insanity I was becoming Alaskan. That is partly true. People up here are weird. I suppose I am weird for taking this job.

Anyway, I’m not really sure what made me snap out of whatever funk I was in, but I am doing better. I felt pretty unmotivated and even annoyed by the dogs for a little bit but I feel better now. Who knows, maybe it was the incredibly crappy weather for the past 4 days. Foggy, overcast and insane-o winds that knocked over dog houses. And just generally being tired after 5 weeks of busting my butt for these huskies.

So, for everyone who listened to me whine and be crazy on the phone, thanks. The dogs thank you, too. Without you, I wouldn’t have gotten out of the bathtub to feed them and I would still be wearing a colander on my head to block out the crazy Alaskan brain waves that are sent by the neighbors. Just kidding. Sort of. Maybe not kidding at all.

And now, it is time for the cuteness! Here are some of my very favorite pooches:

This is 15 year-old Skyler, ultimate doggie pal. He is looking ridiculously pathetic here, but I assure you, he is not pathetic, just tired. He is probably tired from playing with his imaginary doggie friend that lives near him. If this dog was a person, he would be just like Ryan: smart, lovable, intelligent. Except for the senile part .

Next is 2 year-old Gusty. He is insane with young puppy power. His favorite thing to do is wait until my back is turned and then rake is Talons of Searing Pain from right under my butt cheeks to my ankles. I think it is out of love.

Then there is Iceworm, mid face slurp. I never noticed he looked like Princess Leia until now.

Here is Iceworm’s brother, Whistler. This picture completely describes his personality: “Gah!”

This is Chopper. He looks old with his gray mask, but that is just his 7 year-old fur coloring. I love his smile.

Finally, this is Picard. I think he is saying, “I have yellow & brown  jelly beans for teeth! I’m 15! I need fangs, dammit!”


But of course, here is my most favorite dog of all, in her natural state. Super Ashlee at Mariner Beach. Check out those Flying Flaps of Ears! I call her Super because she is so super when she has barfed her weight in sea kelp in the back seat of the truck. 

One Response to “And now we return to our regularly scheduled sanity.”

  1. Ryan says:

    Awesome post! Iceworm totally looks like Leia!

    Looking at that picture of Whistler, I can only think of another dog picture, found by James Lileks. To quote: Whistler “appears to have a jaunty touch of insanity… - that left eye looks endearingly nuts.”

    Chopper looks like he’s saying “Dude, do you ever just sit and think…like about life, man? Like, why are we here and shit? It’s CRAZY!”

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