Sled Dog Skippy

A new trail to cut, (but) following an old map

I have been really inspired in the past week to do good things. Maybe I’m just really emo (ahem, PMS is here), totally surrounded by holiday musings, reading the blogs and articles of inspiring women and men, and/or just watching and listening to how people deal with daily struggles and ARE SO DAMN TOUGH. And they are still positive! But whatever the source of my positive inspiration it is time to use this blog for good.

For so long I have used this little bit of ether to bitch and complain and vent my frustration with whatever job or inconsiderate people I encounter. It’s a good place to to do it, rather than be a crazy psycho in public and rant and rave and scare small children. It’s okay to write about negative things because it is a cathartic process. And it’s usually quite funny. Especially when I re-read about how angry I was. Surely, it seemed like SUCH A GIANTOR BIG DRAMATIC DEAL at the time. And now I just laugh and think “Dang! Life is so much better for me now.” How cool is that? To be able to experience the change. And that is also the joy (or curse?) of a horrible memory of which I have. I can’t remember the shit. Very well, anyway. I do think, though, that now it’s time to write about the VERY good. Which I have been recently because I. LOVE. MY. JOB. WOOT WOOT

It is a fact that I am concerned about many things but I don’t always talk about them because I don’t want to be labeled “a weirdo.” And then I think, who cares?! I AM WEIRD. This is who I am. This is my own damn blog, and if I want to write about new ways to deal with energy & resource depletion, veggie recipes, DIY homemade body scrubs, interesting and amazing people, kittehs and puppies, & Alaska weirdness, then by god, I will. Everyone wants their own corner in the long road of life to have a little soapbox. Well, most people. Some want to be under the radar. I think I wanted that, too, because I felt like I didn’t have enough expertise or information. I now think that’s okay! I don’t have to be an environmental expert to talk about how coastal windpower would be amazing here in Homer. I don’t have to be Cesar Millan to talk about how much I love dogs. I don’t have to be an English major or a journalist to write about what is happening to the people of Tibet.

I say I’m following an old map because clearly, I’m not the center of universe. There are so many amazing people in the world who are doing great things for the planet, animals, people. I want to commit myself to be more like those people and stop worrying about what others are thinking about me. That’s is one thing that’s great about being in Alaska–we sure as hell aren’t conformists. So I have my own way of getting there, while following the very detailed map that others have already created.

So expect this to be a confessional of sorts (still), a compendium of wonderful things that I like, a place for me to explain and describe my life here in Alaska, and a way for me to tell others about how to make the world a better place, based on the advice, expertise, and opinions of others.

First up: Happy Birthday to an amazing woman, Mary Kate Oreovicz. She has been my friend for almost 10 years. She has been my big sister and role model. She is LIVING for the freedom of Tibet. I personally do not know any other person so committed to a cause. She is one of the most compassionate and kind people I know. May only good things come to you, MK!

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