Sled Dog Skippy

Monday Short Letters

Dear New Job,

I wuv you.

Dear Doggies,

I mostly love you. There are times when you stretch my patience. But I keep coming back and you are all so damn cute.

Dear Cub the Puppy,

You are redonk. A true smooshy face wuvabear that I want to hug. ALL. DAY. LONG. Now stop using your rat terrier brother Bubba as a chew toy and stop peeing in the house and we will have the perfect relationship.

Dear Ryan,

Without you, I never would have survived the 10 Dog Weekend. Thank you.

Dear Alaska,

I think I love you. Now cut this blizzard shit out. Seriously. 2 feet? Come on.

2 Responses to “Monday Short Letters”

  1. tmc says:

    That’s not EVEN a job… it’s just your LIFE!

  2. Skippy says:

    @tmc–that’s true. How come the dog jobs always end up being lifestyles? Weird but good!

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