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the great questions in life

Here are some things about which I am wondering (that phrase sounds very awkward to me).

Why, when somone built the house in which I live, did the builder put 80% of the house on a 20 amp fuse? To give you some perspective–it blew when the trifecta of appliances of toaster, stove and vacuum were being used. A maintenance person came to replace the fuse and that didn’t work. Now our heater is plugged into an extension cord to one of the outlets that actually works.

Why do I have to pay rent for a crooked house with faulty electric wiring?

Why does it have to start snowing the one day that the fuse blows and I have to plug my heater in to an extension cord that I trip over 10,000 times a day?

Why, when this particular fuse blew, did it have to involve the outlet that fridge was plugged in to (actually every outlet in the kitchen blew. Wahooo)? The fridge had to be emptied and drained. Bonus: now the old-style freezer is defrosted. Double bonus: the bottle of vodka was released from the freezer’s icy grip and Ryan got a desperately needed shot after the day from hell.

Why, when I don’t have insurance or money, does my LAST contact lens rip in the middle?

Why are my glasses so old & scratched that wearing them gives me a migraine?

Why won’t the property managment place call me back and let me know when the electrician is going to come?

Why does deeeeelicous food have to be so far away (I miss you Btown, Chicago, and Anchorage!)?

Why when all this crap is happening am I still smiling. Oh, I know the answer to that one! Because I get to leave my office job in 6 DAYS. WOOT WOOT

2 Responses to “the great questions in life”

  1. Justin says:

    It sounds like that property management place could use a swift kick to their nethers. If I could package deeeeelicious food, I would send some your way ;-)

  2. MK says:

    Smile, and the world smiles with you, dear Skippy! WOOHOO!

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