Sled Dog Skippy

Tuesday Short Letters

Dear Office Job,

I am leaving you. We are just not meant to be. If you ask me if I found something better, well, yes. I’m sorry to break it to you. It’s not you, it’s me. Oh wait. Actually, it is you.

Dear Btown,
DANG. I forgot how many cool people live with you. You are a fiesty bitch and I like you very very much. Call me.

Dear Chicago,
DANG. You are one hawt beeotch. I must see you again. That burlesque show was HAWT. Call me.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Thanks for the Wii. You have no idea how happy Ryan is. Almost criminally happy. Thanks for providing a way for my husband to consistently kick my ass on screen for the next 10 years.

Dear Tyra,
HOLY MOTHER OF JEEBUS your job is not in jeopardy! SCORE = Tyra the Worker Underdog: 10 million. Hateful job security bitch and potential unemployment: BIG FAT ZERO. You are my hero for waiting it out.

Dear New Job,
We are meant to be. *swoon*

One Response to “Tuesday Short Letters”

  1. MK says:

    Dear Skippy the Great,

    You will always be a part of Btown and Btown will always be a part of you…you are adored, appreciated, respected, loved, missed and admired. MWAH. Thank the stars I got to hug you….mkizzle

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