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oh yes

I gave my two weeks notice today at the office job. I was going to wait until tomorrow–I felt bad giving the news on the same day of my return from vacation. But my pal TMC reminded me the sooner the better and the end of the day is always better than the beginning. She is so dang smart.

I know that I should have never apologized, but I did feel badly when I told my boss–because I know other people will have to shuffle their work loads to get the work done. I think I said I was sorry more than once during the conversation. Okay, a lot more than once. 1000 times maybe? I do not feel good about that–I shouldn’t have to say I’m sorry for wanting to change my life. They’ll live. Not like this hasn’t happened before. Especially there. In that position. Ahem. Cough cough.

I made it a year there. I have no idea how. Heavy medication?

Anyway, it was a 5 second bomb drop at the end of the day and I feel so, well, relieved. ooooooooh yeah

So yeah, that means I took the other job! I start around the 20th.

All aboard the Happy Train. WOOT WOOT

AAAAnd, the vacation back home to Bloomington/Indy/Chicago was AWESOME. I think I ate half my body weight in and drank about the same amount. It was so great to see all the family and friends that have been helping me cope with all the trials that Alaska the Bitch (as I have come to call this place) have thrown at me in the last year and a half. I don’t think I have laughed that much, given/gotten so many hugs, used so many silly voices, and slept so little in a long, long time. Okay, maybe ever.

I miss everyone already!

On to the next adventure! MUSH!

5 Responses to “oh yes”

  1. tmc says:

    OH YES, I haz smartz.

  2. Skippy says:

    @ TMC–oh yesh, you does. Thanks again. Today would have been even MORE awkward if I had waited.

  3. Sara P. says:

    Hooray for leaving!

    (and as a major “Sorry” contributer/offender, I feel your pain)

  4. Skippy says:

    @ Sara P.–yeah, why do we do that? Are we really sorry? Maybe like 10% of the time? Sheesh

  5. MK says:

    GOOD ON YA!! So insanely proud of you, beaming with pride!! Oh ya, next time you are in Btown, we have a date at Skinquake with TMC…

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