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Opportunity is knocking, um, barking

So I have an “interview” on Friday for a new and exciting adventure. A local luxury dog-sitting business owner is meeting me to see if I would fit in as her replacement. Yeah, like dog-sitting for others’ dogs, in her house, full time, full pamper mode. For the winter. She has an established clientele and seems very nice. I like her philosophy about dog-sitting: spoil ‘em. Rotten.

The informal “interview” over the phone went very well. I had originally called her about a short pet-sitting stint for her companion dogs, while she is away on vacation next month. Then I found out about running her business and decided to act on that as well and get some more info. From the small amount that I learned….well, it basically seems like a perfect match and a great chance to spend more time (24/7) with dogs & run/develop a small business.

I am feeling very confident and let my “I’m the best for the job” attributes shine over the phone. I was told that I would be perfect for the job. Damn. Good thing all those other applications over the past few months were a waste of time!

I have a lot of questions for her on Friday and I’m pretty excited to think about what could happen. Cross your fingers and paws, please!

2 Responses to “Opportunity is knocking, um, barking”

  1. tmc says:

    Fingers totally crossed!! :)

  2. Sara P. says:

    Fatty Cat thinks dogs are stinky, but is crossing his paws for you.

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