Sled Dog Skippy

Monday Short Letters

Dear Monday,

You suck. I don’t want to see you again, but that is not possible. So let’s learn to be civil to each other, since we seem to have mutual friends (Tuesday-Sunday).

Dear Ryan,

Wow, am I ever glad that you aren’t Don Draper.

Dear Mad Men,

How could I have gone so long without watching you? You are a gorgeous treasure trove of mid-century mod furniture and clothes. I would like to see you again. Soon.

Dear Quentin Tarantino,

Thanks for giving all of us (okay, most of us, not all of us) the ending to World War II we really wanted.

Dear Meryl Streep,

Must you be so awesome? I hope you win an Oscar. You deserve it for Julie and Julia.

Dear People of Homer,

I am available for hire as a pet/house sitter. I have experience and references. And I’ll clean your house, too!

One Response to “Monday Short Letters”

  1. Angela says:

    Love don draper, hate his indiscretions. love madmen!

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