Sled Dog Skippy

Sunday Short Letters

Dear Angela,

You’re having a BABY on Tuesday! OMGOMGOMGOMGPONIES!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Raspberries,

Again, you are so cool.

Dear Ryan,

Thank you for making dinner, picking berries, and making so much stock. You are awesome.

Dear Gregg,

Thanks for giving Ryan his own iPhone. Wow.

Dear Productive Sundays,

Why can’t there be more of you in my life?

Dear LifeTrain,

I’m ready to get off at HealthyVille. I have my bags packed and my tickets ready.
Less indulgent living, here I come!

Dear Vegan Hoodie,

I miss you and what you stood for. Now I feel like a hypocrite when I wear you. Why does it have to be so hard here?

Dear Federal Government,

I applied for a Dream Job. Please score my answers appropriately and get back to me shortly.

Dear Indiana University Registrar,

Can you PLEASE offer an official transcript that DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FED-EXED?!?! For you being of the most technologically advanced universities, I find it rather pathetic that you want to waste my money by shipping a small piece of paper and using way too much fuel to get it here. And not even overnight. C’mon. Ever hear of a password-protected PDF? Jeebus.

Dear Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,

You are awesome. Dumbledore is SUCH a badass. Thank you for FINALLY making your way here to Homer for the eagerly awaiting Pott-Heads (as in POTTER, you weirdos!).

Dear Bagels,

I love making you. Especially you fancy-pants types with parm & cheddar on top. Behold my greatness in baking:

One Response to “Sunday Short Letters”

  1. Angela says:

    SSSSSoooooooo crazy. I’m a mama! It has been surreal.

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