Sled Dog Skippy

Thursday Short Letters

Dear Skippeh Snacks,

Still not sure if I want to marry you. But that first date was so great.

Dear Ryan,

I would have been victim of pecanicide if you were not there to help me at the fair. I know I’ve told you thank you a thousand times since then, but here it is in writing. Thank you.

Dear Champagne,

WHY FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY do you have to be so deeeeeelicious? It is impossible for me to resist you. Even on a weekday.

Dear Hospital,

Stop being a jerk to my friend’s husband. Seriously. It’s getting old.

Dear Federal Fish & Wildlife Service,

I am so qualified for the position you are offering. Have I told you how much I. LOVE. UNIFORMS?

Dear Raspberry Bushes,

It is so totally badass that you live in my yard!

Dear People at Work,

It’s getting really old to have so much responsibility and still be treated like furniture.

Dear Pecans,

I never want to see you again. And yet, I love you. What does this mean for our relationship?

Dear Fall,

Will you just get here already? I can’t believe I’m saying that in Alaska, but damn. I am ready.

Dear People in Indiana,

Brace yourselves for the mayhem: we are coming home
October 22-November 1
. The tickets have been bought. Prepare yourselves for the eating marathon of a LIFETIME.

3 Responses to “Thursday Short Letters”

  1. tmc says:

    Dear Skippy & Ryan,
    I’m totally down for an ethnic food eat-a-thon. There’s an ethiopian place in town we’ve been wanting to try… we’ll put it on hold ’til you get here.

  2. Laura says:

    Dear Skippy,

    I totally heart these posts.

    Dear posts,

    You are funny.

  3. MK says:

    Dear Skippy,

    I heart you. And your husband. I am thrilled beyond words at the prospect of hugging both of you and enjoying delicious meals with you….you rock my little world!

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