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Can, should, will

Another neato meme, courtesy my ever-evolving and introspective friend, TMC. I think that TMC and I share a brain occassionally. We seem to be on the same mental plane at times. I’m in your head, T! Wait, maybe you’re in mine. Gah! There’s naughty stuff in there. And monkeys.

Try this one out, my bloggy friends! Or journal, you analog types (of which I am, also).

I can’t:
do a full chin-up
have people over to my house without cleaning first
speak Hebrew
change the past

But I can:
climb ice
ride a dog sled
let the past go
make Skippeh Snacks! (more info soon)

I won’t:
be disappointed with my own choices
waste time being sad about things I can change
waste time being sad about things I cannot change
dwell on the negative

But I will:

call, e-mail, and write my friends more often
run farther, faster
be grateful for what I have in life
be myself

I shouldn’t:
spend money on material crap that doesn’t bring me joy
doubt others’ faith in my abilities and good qualities
spend money on lunch and coffee that I can make better at home (for less!)
be obsessed with making my living space magazine-shoot perfect

But I should:
save money for trips back home and for vacation
not be afraid to experiment with Skippeh Snacks
listen more, and not just be waiting for my chance to speak
be thankful to be in beautiful Alaska, even if the trail has diverged from my map

2 Responses to “Can, should, will”

  1. tmc says:

    I’m going to work on that writing one, too. : )

  2. Skippy says:

    @ TMC–that’s the joy of postcards. :)

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