Sled Dog Skippy

What Skippy needs

This is another awesome meme, courtesy of my friend TMC at Return to Rural.

So, the premise is simple: put your name + “needs” into The Google (as I like to call it) and see what comes up! Here’s what happened:

Skippy needs….1 million hits! Meaning site hits, not to the face. I could use the readership, I suppose.

Skippy needs…a home (this is a pet snake, by the way). I do like snakes. A lot. I think they are very cool and interesting and there may even be a picture of me out there some where preparing to smooch a giant boa that belonged to a friend. Her name is Baby, by the way. Anyway, I do have a home. More than one because I feel that any place that makes you happy and comfortable is home.

Skippy needs…a hug! Well, yes I do.

Skippy needs…to be installed and launched from source. Uh, okay. Maybe. Does this involve my husband and a rocket ship? If so, sign me up.

Skippy needs…your vote for cutest dog! Well, I am quite the cute sled dog. And there are other cute dogs here as well. I suppose I could use your vote.

Skippy needs…a job. Hmmm. That’s true. A different town job. How did The Google know?!

Skippy needs…a spanking. AHHHH!

Skippy needs…something to do tonight. Got it covered–see the item above.

5 Responses to “What Skippy needs”

  1. tmc says:

    The Google knows all. Except when it buckles to the whims of Communists and allows itself to be censored. But whatever. It knew you needed a hug while I did not, so at least that’s accurate.

  2. Skippy says:

    Yeah, what’s up with the Giant Firewall of China?

  3. Justin says:

    So I did it just for fun, but I don’t have a blog to post this on, so I just thought I’d leave it in your comments :-P

    Justin needs to start playing smash brothers again - crazy cause my apartmentmate is in love with smash brothers, but i’m not very good at it and I gave up.

    Justin needs to bring humble back - i’m such a pompous prick.

    Justin needs to get a date - i’m so lonely :-/

    Justin needs Australia - my god! it’s like google is reading my mind!!!!

    Justin needs your help - help me sled dog skippy, you’re my only hope!

    Justin needs a partner to… - now at this point google cuts it off and I didn’t know if I needed to pursue the link or not. I think we’ll just leave this up to the reader’s imagination ;-)

    Justin needs a clever display name - mine is so cliche.

    Justin needs an attitude adjustment - what the crap?! bring it google! I will tear your $#!t apart!!!!

    Apparently a lot of these, if you hadn’t guessed, had to do with JT… awesome.

  4. Skippy says:

    Mr. Justin,

    awesome, just awesome. When the heck are you going to get up here?! Oh, wait, I’m sure The Google already knows the answer.

  5. Justin says:

    I’m actually hoping to maybe gain some time in the summer to go up there! We’ll see, but it is definitely in the very possible plans.

    Let me know if the jars broke… I wasn’t sure how they’d hold up.

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