Sled Dog Skippy


If I ever start surfing (a happy & warm dream of mine), I hope that I don’t speak like this guy (but it would indicate my excitement, clearly).

Yes, I am blogging during work. Yay for hourly workers who have to stay & make money while everyone else is on vacation.

And to everyone who has sent us packages, cards, and letters: THANK YOU.

3 Responses to “Dude!”

  1. Laura says:

    Dude, I talk like that now. Conversation yesterday: “Dude, judge, when the DA stood up and said that, it was like wapow to my client. He is so pitted right now. Dude.”

    Just kidding! Thanks for the cards!! After the holidays, let’s get serious about planning a trip!! Maybe for Thanksgiving? I’m going to try to go to South America for a week in June, so will need to bank up some time, and a holiday trip might be fun!!

  2. Justin says:

    Hope you guys are having a great Christmas - and even though it’s caused problems, I’m jealous about the snow >(

    And when times get tough, just remember to “drop in and ride the barrel”

  3. MK says:

    You are very welcome for your Chaunkha gifts! I’m so happy the Mukluks fit!!

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