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How my brain works (or “Why I have no short term memory”)

The other night I could not make a decision about what kind of juice to buy while standing in the store. I felt very strange; I had a headache, the lights were bothering me, and I had difficulty completing a sentence (yes, I was sober). This has happened several times and can be kind of scary. And then I forget about it.

Then, last night, for some strange reason I suddenly had the “Duck Tales” theme song in my head, complete with words. Ryan and I started talking about cartoons we started watching and the local TV station kids’ variety/cartoon shows we grew up with (Fort Wayne: Fox 55 Happy’s Place. REPRESENT! Ah, the days of loveable hobos are long gone…). At first I was laughing really hard thinking about the cartoons and songs. Then I realized all of those damn cartoon songs are taking up precious memory space in my brain. That is why I can’t remember what I did yesterday or what I ate 30 minutes ago. Damn you, Duck Tales. You are causing short circuits.

Take home message: don’t watch this if you want to remember ANYTHING later in life. Duck Tales is a memory black hole. If you and your brain are tougher than I am, well, go for it, you hard core person you.

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