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Behold…I present to you, Aretha

So, finally for all of those requests, here she is. My big, black, loud truck.  Sorry to say that the genius name of Aretha was not mine; instead, I owe thanks to my friend, Laura, a very witty attorney indeed.  She may not look too big here, but I assure you, this 1/2 ton truck is big enough that I probably could use a ladder to get inside.  There is no handle inside the door, so I have to take a running leap to get into the seat. Although, there are claims that I look very hot in this truck. Disclaimer: those claims are made by me.img_4820.jpg img_4821.jpgSorry these shots aren’t the best–it has been snowing for 3 days, even in town.  We’ve gotten about 9 inches up at the boss’s house, with howling winds.  At least it has been sunny during the day.  I don’t think the snow is ever going to stop. 

3 Responses to “Behold…I present to you, Aretha”

  1. frank and katie says:

    amazing! your truck could definitely beat up our truck. we also like the yurt in the background of the second pic. muy bien.

  2. Stella says:

    That… is… AWESOME!! I can just imagine you driving around in that thing. It looks like a gas guzzler, :( but it sure can trudge through the snow and carry the dogs! I love the “Hella” thingies in the front, what are those for?

  3. Push says:

    Cool truck! Is it a manual? Are you having fun going over curbs (…and perhaps Alaskans?) in the truck? (without noticing of course)

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