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So the boss has left me alone with the dogs already! She went north to Kotzebue on Saturday to see the Kobuk 440 sled dog race and stay with friends. She’ll be back tomorrow. It has been weird to be completely alone with 40 dogs, so soon. Thankfully, the dogs have all been very-well behaved.  No sick dogs, no loose dogs, no bad dogs! I think we are coming to an understanding. 

For entertainment, I have been calling a lot of people and talking their ears off. Thanks for listening! I have also watched two Pink Panther movies with the amazing Peter Sellars.  However, for those of you who actually care about this: The Revenge of the Pink Panther and The Trail of the Pink Panther SUCK. With a capital S.  Peter Sellars is forced to re-hash old rountines in both films.  I have to say, nothing in the Pink Panther series compares to The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976). Classic Sellars and Herbert Lom (former Chief Inspector Dreyfus)  at their finest.  

Anyway, enough about free movies from the library. Dogs are good, weather is good, missing Indiana and the people who inhabit the state is BAD. I think the move has hit me and I miss all things familiar. I have been trying to keep busy as best I can; it is hard when there is little to do around the property. I also have to wait to fix up my cabin until I get added to the Spenard Building Supply account that the boss has. Ah, unending credit at a hardware store….that could be dangerous. 

Tomorrow I am officially hanging out and making friends! A super nice couple I met at the boss’s birthday party have offered to have me over for lunch, while my truck is being worked on (note to future car buyers: check to make sure the headlights work before you drive a car off the lot).  The same couple worked as dog handlers for my boss for 3 1/2 years, while she was first building her house and moving from northern Alaska. So, I suppose they have some insight that will be useful.  It will also be nice to converse with other humans that aren’t 3500 miles away or strangers. It will be nice to not be alone! 

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  1. Stella says:

    I am extremely jealous of the credit limit at the hardware store! I want that!

    I’m so glad you’re meeting people and you have something in common with them. I know they will grow to be good mentors!

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