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Recovering from spring (fever)…wait, what?

Something weird is going on here. It’s really warm here. Above freezing warm. And the foot of snow we’ve had is melting. Dripping melting. It’s been raining 15 miles away, at sea level, in town. What is this heat wave? It feels like spring is happening all over again, but I know in my head that isn’t possible. It’s all very confusing and weird and makes me a little hysterical. Or maybe that’s being crammed in a cabin with another human, 2 dogs, and 2 cats with no escape except to work at a desk for people who are really bad at communicating what they need me to do without making a really big deal out of it all. You need a stapler? You need me to order office supplies? You need me to do my job? No problem, really. That’s what I’m paid to do. Just please don’t make me feel like I *might* not be able to handle the enormous responsibility of making you a photocopy. End rant. I swear.

So, in other news, I have somewhat recovered from whatever horrible infection/flu/sore throat from hell I had for several days in which I thought I was surely going to die. I rarely get sick, but when I do, it’s really fast and harsh and a “I need the last rites read to me, quick!” kind of thing. A little too dramatic, I realize, but it always seems so horrible. However, being sick did mean that I kind of got to take a few days off work(s). Sad, isn’t it? That the only way I’ve had a day off since August 25 is by being ill? This is the point in which you agree whole heartedly and say something encouraging like “Damn the man!” or “She works hard for the money!” or “Why don’t you just quit and move to my organic pineapple farm in Micronesia where I will pay you ONE MEEEELYON dollars to taste test pineapples and cut them into pretty shapes.” Sold. You are SUCH and encouraging and supportive friend, reader!

Also, my amazing and hilarious friend Liam came to visit over Thanksgiving week! It was great to see him after 2 AND A HALF YEARS. His stay was way too short and way too fun for the old fogey I have become. Hopefully people will continue visiting while I am here. You’d think with all this working and no time off I that I endure that I’d have crazy amounts of money to spend on traveling to (warmish) places to visit friends. You’d be incredibly wrong if you thought that. I have little to show for all this work except a rapidly aging lumbar section, big arm muscles, the ability to spot dog poop from a distance of 100 yards, and general tiredness. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know: working builds character or some crap like that. I will have the biggest character in the WORLD if I don’t get some regular days off here.

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  1. tmc says:

    I’m pretty sure I know of a birthday girl who’s got a nice house you could rent in Bton, when you’re ready to come back.

    It’s not a pineapple farm but there is decidedly less dog sh*t. And Thai food. :)

    I sent you a postcard today!!

  2. Skippy says:


    I got the Arizona Heat postcard! Thanks! Yay for more on the way. It was hilarious and I was jealous for 5 seconds that it was 41 degrees in Indy. And now it’s 45 here, so nyah nyah nyah. :)

  3. Justin says:

    I just got sick this last week too! Not as bad on the throat, which i’m so thankful for… but I did get a fever and still some congestion. Anyways, glad you’re feeling better - and you should kick your husband in the face if he doesn’t answer my email. Cheers! :-P

  4. Laura says:

    This is something that should go on your resume: “the ability to spot dog poop from a distance of 100 yards.”

    In other news, I hear you sister–just be grateful that you have a loving husband a warm bed to crawl into at night, and beautiful scenery to enjoy every day!! Most of my clients have lost everything they have, and I’m honestly beginning to wonder how I thought other things were important before!

  5. MK says:

    you can come to my cabin and help me wrangle kitties!! unfortunately, no skrilla $ to pay…glad you are feeling better. i was worried about you!

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