Sled Dog Skippy


Dorky title, I know. But here is the good:

  • finally sort of figured out dog harnesses.  I got 3 on wiggly, hyper dogs today. Although, those were the 3 easy dogs out of the group
  • met some nice people already who might help me get another job–helping run an office that does day flights to see bears! I just can not get away from an office, can I? 
  • I don’t have to wear makeup! I have not yet seen a female with makeup on. Whooee! We like it natural like here in this part of the state.
  • I got my cell phone today! Thanks to super Kerry for sending it from Anchorage!
  • Libby may leave on Sunday for a few days to meet some mushers at the Kobuk 440. I think that will be good, to get me used to being by myself with 40 dogs.

Okay, and some weird:

  • had to clean dog food buckets that contained fish guts, raw meat and blood. Got sprayed with particles of said guts
  • moved around a skinned beaver carcass in the freezer
  • moved around 80 pound blocks of frozen meat. This is hard, if you’ve never done it before and have to dead lift it out of a deep-freezer without being able to get stand in the freezer
  • all the surviving members of ZZ Top must live here. I have seen the craziest, longest beards here, ever. I think they are all on men. Hard to tell.   

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