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Your mission: scour the tubes

Hey readers I have a mission for you (I know, I know. I never post anything and now I’m asking you to do stuff for me).

If you can find a picture of the boss lady from VOGUE (yes, THE Vogue!) you will win a spectacular prize. I feel that I have searched the internetz as much as I can without barfing. I also don’t want to ask her for a copy, as that might be, well, weird. Bear the burden of my uncomfortable-ness.

I’m guessing 1985, and you can rule out Jan, Feb, and March as she won the Iditarod in March 1985. You must submit a link of your findings in the comments. If you have YOUR OWN PHYSICAL issue of Vogue in which she appeared, and can give it to me, you can bet your booty you will get a super-duper prize.

So now, go, find her beautiful picture!

One Response to “Your mission: scour the tubes”

  1. Angela says:

    Besides the one that is on her webpage I’m assuming…. teehee.

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